At Lead Forte Gate Schools, every child is valued and is encouraged to grow in our community which lives by the values of discipline, love, compassion and respect for each other. We aim for high standard and believe that education is a shared partnership between home and school while we work together for the benefit of our children. At Lead-Forte Gate we motivate all our children to work hard, eat healthily, be responsible, make contribution to the community and be active spiritually, academically and psychologically.


Our curriculum is robust and not just about subject taught but about Language opportunities, discoveries and real life experiences/application. Our commitment is to nurture each child to become a successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and effective contributor and a proactive leader. We train pupils to use their minds positively to generate ideas and be independent. (in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of education).


We also support the traditional values of good manners and hard work and expect all our pupils/students to imbibe these values thereby becoming responsible and productive citizens of the society.

At Lead-Forte Gate Schools, we are poised to deliver standard and qualitative education in a serene, conducive & friendly environment. The schools show concern for the children and sympathy for their worries with the use of a positive and helpful approach.