Open Day comes up once a term and it provides opportunities for parent/guardians to come to school to see for themselves the performance and progress of their children/wards as well as discuss one on one vital issues concerning the children with their teachers. 


Music, Drama, Art and Design and Public Speaking are crucial and highly imperative in the development and growth of the pupils. The facilities and specialists available will enable pupils gain increasingly rich variety of experiences and opportunities to develop not only their own skills in performance, craftsmanship and creativity, but also to develop their critical faculties as observers or as an audience. 


At Lead-Forte Gate Schools, Music is of paramount importance in every category. Using a variety of instruments under the tutorship of well trained and qualified professionals, pupils/students are introduced to various forms of music such as Choral Music, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Contemporary and a host of others. 


Drama is an integral part of our curriculum at every level. As we are all aware of the fact that drama brings about joy and excitement. Thus, we explore every means possible to reciprocate same though short but witty, meaningful and thought provoking production staged at our weekly assemblies, Easter concerts, Christmas concerts and Special celebrations.


Right from our Reception Class to Checkpoint Class, pupils/students enjoy communicating their feelings and feeding their imaginations through art and design. Developing our pupils/students’ creative skills and aesthetic appreciation is fully supported as a fundamental part of a qualitative education.


Works carried out by pupils are showcased in the school during special occasions as this gesture encourages them to own their styles and experiment with different approaches.

At Lead-Forte Gate Schools, we are poised to deliver standard and qualitative education in a serene, conducive & friendly environment. The schools show concern for the children and sympathy for their worries with the use of a positive and helpful approach.