Admission into Lead-Forte gate Schools is by assessment in a more structured pattern to any level of entry.
Most successful applicants join in at the start of the school year in September; however, students are admitted during the course of the school year if space becomes available.


Joining Lead-Forte family will be a whole new experience for you as it will be welcoming you to a cooperative, supportive and highly competitive community with diverse faculties and a well built and maintained student body that showcase the world we live in.

Admission Policy

Lead-Forte gate Schools offer admission to pupils regardless of race, color, religion and nationality. All qualified candidates are given equal opportunity of admission to the schools if all admission requirements and standard are met.


Requirements for Admission into the school:

  • Candidates must be from 3 months


All completed forms must be returned together with 3 recent passport photographs with the student’s name boldly printed at the back, photocopy of birth certificate (originals would be sighted) and a photocopy of receipt of payment.


At Lead-Forte Gate Schools, we are poised to deliver standard and qualitative education in a serene, conducive & friendly environment. The schools show concern for the children and sympathy for their worries with the use of a positive and helpful approach.